About Us

To build up a library is to create a life. It’s never just a random collection of books.”
-Carlos María Domínguez.

In this digital age, libraries seem to be losing their importance but that is far from the truth. In many parts of our country, people still rely on brick and mortar libraries for both pleasure and purpose. For disadvantaged communities, local libraries are sanctuaries of wisdom and leisure. But the pandemic has completely halted the progress of already depleting libraries, affecting the learning opportunities of the weaker sections of society. Book Farm is our initiative to bridge the gap between the privileged and disadvantaged in their access to learning resources like libraries. This project aims to rebuild existing libraries that are not receiving proper maintenance and to set up new ones in every district of Kerala, with a focus on areas with people from disadvantaged communities. Our initiative also has the purpose to create microlearning hubs for children in those communities who struggle with online education due to a lack of resources. By collaborating with the Library Council, NSS units and reading clubs across the state, we aim to collect necessary funds and books to make reading an attainable activity for all, irrespective of economic and social differences

Our Vision

To make reading and learning an accessible activity for all.

Our Mission

To tackle the divide in the accessibility of libraries and learning opportunities between the privileged and weaker sections.

Our Plan

Book Farm plans to rebuild and set up well-functioning libraries in every district of Kerala in two years. Through our dedicated coordinators and volunteers, collection drives and crowdfunding will be conducted to help revive libraries and also to set up microlearning hubs for children from disadvantaged communities.

Action Plan


The state and district coordinators of Kites will select the libraries in need of the most care and also decide the areas to build new libraries.


Crowdfunding and collection drives will be conducted to collect funds and books necessary for the project.


The donated amount and books will be allocated to each library based on proper research.