About Us

The roots of #FlattenTheCurve was originated in the dreams of our members as part of the social responsibility towards the surging Covid-19 crisis. As we began researching several ways to help it, we found that Vaccination was the only solution to slowly reduce the peak of it. As the core problem lied in between the public who lacked the awareness of getting vaccinated , or rejected it due to extreme fear towards. We enforced this as an emergency project where our 1000s of volunteers took an effort to spread awareness in taking vaccination and helping out people to register it online.
Blood shortage Crisis is yet another foreseen problem that we found to occur in the near future, due to the inability of vaccinated people to donate blood till ‘28 days’ of each dose.The campaign involves active measures in resolving the same.

Our Vision

Kites Foundation is a team of young social change makers who aim at transforming this country, through youth led development and collective effort. The vision of this campaign is to bring together the members and volunteers of Kites who truly aspire to contribute to the society in decelerating the covid surge in our country, and thereby making it happen.

Our Mission

Youth represents the most vibrant and potentially rich community of any nation. If this community is properly channelized, it has the power to bring in great change to the nation as a whole. As we see a part of the society struggling hard to survive and protect the nation from Covid, it is our responsibility to save the other part from being conquered by it.

Our Plans

We look forward to creating awareness among the society through each volunteer of Kites, thereby taking an effort to educate the people around their own community . We also conduct webinars by eminent personalities to resolve the general queries regarding Covid vaccination , blood donation and other things.


Download the guidelines for Vaccination and Blood Donation

Vaccinate - on Time, every Time

Vaccination is a positive ray of light to eradicate the virus globally

A vaccine activates our immune system without making us sick. In the present scenario of Covid 19 mass spread, getting vaccinated not only protect yourself but also the people around you.

Joining with us

Dr. Sachin Suresh
Senior Surgeon
Aster Medicity

for the webinar

To elucidate the importance of getting vaccinated, facts and myths about vaccination and the necessary precautions one should take before and after vaccination.
Date: 6 May 2021, Thursday
Time: 8PM
Platform : Zoom

How can you join #FlattenTheCurve?

Helping out those who are in trouble of registering in vaccine portals, and thus hesitating to take vaccine ( Accepting the challenge of helping out a minimum of 4 people around your circles for the same )

By creating awareness among your friends and family circles on the importance of vaccination and motivating them to get vaccinated. Helping the country in eliminating a blood shortage crisis by donating your blood before taking the vaccine. This is known as #BeAsuperDonor challenge.

By educating the public on the importance of blood donation and the future Blood shortage crisis.

Requesting your friends and relatives to take up the #BeAsuperdonor challenge by sharing a picture of you donating blood with the hashtag of #BeAsuperdonor and challenge your friends ( minimum 5-10 ) to take part in it.

By utilizing Social media platforms in order to circulate informative videos and posters that can educate people on how they should fight.

By attending the webinars and other sessions related to vaccination, and making their friends and family take part of it.

Let’s #FlattenTheCurve together!

If you are ready to be the changemakers to overcome the current covid crisis, and work towards resolving the foreseen future crisis, join us now ! Let’s together be a reason for change!

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