About Us

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion”
-Dalai Lama

Wheelchair users, affected by mobility issues, are a group we often tend to forget.Our volunteers hence took a resolve to visit those affected by disability on the occasion of Christmas at their residence. My Santa is a project designed specifically for wheelchair users in our community, to touch their lives with happiness, love and care. The Project was grandly organised across the state, recalling the importance of cultivating the values of acceptance and appreciation of everyone in our society. As part of the project, a few wheelchairs were also distributed among the needful. We are proud to proclaim that the initiative bloomed smiles on many faces.

Our Vision

My Santa is not just a charity project for the KITES family, rather an educating tool to inculcate compassion in each and every one who takes part in the initiative. We believe that practicing love, kindness, and compassion for ourselves and others can build confidence and a sense of coherence, which helps in creating meaningful, caring relationships that can ultimately increase individual and community resilience and overall wellbeing.

Our Mission

Investing quality time with the ones in need of attention especially children suffering in these less fortunate times, senior citizens and differently abled. This can generate a feeling in them so much more settled, less stressed, more secure, confident and more hopeful. Distribution of essential mobility aids and other equipment for people with disability is also part of the mission.

Our Plan

My Santa will be organised every year during the Christmas season.The project will concentrate on different sections of the disabled community every year with continued focus and attention on them throughout the year.Most deserving beneficiaries are chosen by the volunteers from the respective districts. Gifts and cake donation campaigns will be arranged in every district. Mostly cakes from compassionate home bakers are preferred.Distribution of mobility aid is also organised as part of the project.






Gift Hampers

3.5 Lakhs

Worth Mobility Aid