About Us

Punarjjani is an agricultural project in line with state government's Subiksha Keralam Program. It is a green initiative to encourage people to start cultivation in their homes. Punarjanni also aims to educate people about the importance of food self sufficiency.

Our Vision

A greener Kerala with food self sufficiency and healthy food habit.

Our Mission

To encourage people to cultivate at their homes and reap the green benefits and to educate them about the significance of food self sufficiency.

Our Plan

We plan to supply seed to people and encourage them to nurture them. We will also provide them all the guidance for cultivating seeds. We will also be monitoring their activities regularly. Prizes will also be given for best cultivators.Competitions too will be conducted as part of Punarjjani.

Action Plan

Step I

People with genuine interest will be urged to register in the website of Kites Foundation

Step II

Ensure seed distribution to the registered people. Encourage them to cultivate. Begin whatsapp group for doubt clearing.

Step III

Monitor the follow up. Awards will also be given for best cultivators


"There is something satisfying about getting your hands in the soil"

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