About Us

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
-Pablo Piccasso

As we rise to the challenge of our new normal life in a global pandemic, art allows us to communicate from afar, generating positivity, appreciation and hope. This is where we introduce RANG ,Kerala’s largest virtual youth festival. Rang will be a celebration of our culture, arts and artists from over a hundred different indigenous art forms within the scope of literature, performing arts and visual arts even amidst such a pandemic. Rang consists of 160 plus events in 3 different categories, including group events. The first edition of Rang kick started in 2020 with more than 1500 participants from various districts across the state of Kerala. More than 52 volunteers worked for half a month tirelessly to bring this into reality.

Our Vision

The pandemic has been the source of an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. Even during such unfortunate times, creative activities can relieve stress, aid communication, and help arrest cognitive decline. Rang was conceptualised with a vision of using creative spaces for healing the community even during such chaotic times.

Our Mission

Rang potentially aims to build an ideal platform for wide scale healthy competitions by making use of technology as an enabling tool. It also helps in building an art community to propagate the concept of art and creativity which in turn add a value in eliminating the social issues in public. Rang also has a wide perspective to publish and distribute a digital magazine which showcases the finest products from the fest.

Our Plans

The registration process of RANG was initiated through our online platforms and the submission of their work where completely digitalised, with live performance for some events. The results were finalised by the expert judges and jury panel, which were announced individually for each category along with the overall championship.The last stage of the programme was the award ceremony which was conducted offline. Apart from Certificates and Trophies, candidates were awarded with cash prizes for the First and Second Places.

The events were divided to 8 broad categories as follows

  • Literary events
  • Singing events
  • Oratoray events
  • Dance events
  • Artistic events
  • Digital Events
  • Other Category events
  • Group events


School (8th to 12th)

A student belonging to the high school or higher secondary level of education is eligible to participate under this category.

Campus (UG and PG)

A full-time student belonging to any university or college currently enrolled in the undergraduate or postgraduate level of education is eligible to participate under this category.


Anyone below the age of 40 who do not belong to the above-mentioned categories including working professionals and Phd scholars can participate under this category.