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“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
W.B. Yeats.

Every child is ignited by their innocent dreams and each of them has the potential to reach the stars. But the pandemic has filled their world with uncertainty. Through our Umeed initiative, you can lend a helping hand to the disadvantaged children so that their future remains bright. We aim to donate school essentials for primary and high school students from disadvantaged communities across the country. From your generous donations, essentials like notebooks, pencils, backpack, lunchbox, steel water bottle, instrument box, crayons and sanitiser will be bought and distributed. In this pandemic situation when schools are being held online, you can also donate old or damaged electronics such as laptops, smartphones and tablets to help the children access uninterrupted learning.

Our Vision

No child should have to worry about affording the necessities they need for school

Our Mission

To decrease resource limitation among students in India, lending our small contribution to a hassle-free learning experience for disadvantaged children.

Our Plan

Umeed will be organised every academic year to provide learning materials for disadvantaged children across India. Our dedicated coordinators and volunteers will select the most deserving students based on reliable data and conduct donation campaigns both online and offline.


Step I

Children in need of assistance are selected using reliable data through state and district coordinators of Kites foundation.

Step II

Donation campaigns (both online and offline) will be conducted with an aim to collect Rs.1200 per child.

Step III

The donated amount will be used to purchase school essentials and distributed accordingly. Any extra amount will also be used to help more deserving students.

How does the fundraising of the project happen?

Umeed initiative, which started in July 2020, has so far helped 1200+ children with school materials. Our 2021 campaign is set from May 5 to June 30. Till now we have collected 6.4L through our donation campaigns and are happy to receive more donations for this cause. Although the pandemic may cause a delay in the opening of schools, we will begin our drive by the first week of June. We aim to distribute learning materials to 1000 students by the end of June.

The bank account details of the Kites Foundation are attached herewith. People can contribute to Umeed by transferring funds to this account. After sending the cash, you may send the screenshot to +918138000934 and collect the receipt.

Kites Foundation

Account Number: 15170200014722
Federal Bank
Moonnupeedika Branch
IFSC: FDRL0001517
Upi: [email protected]







6.5 Lakhs

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